Mohave County Treasurer's Office Goes Paperless For Tax Lien Foreclosures - Customer Testimonial

Mohave County Treasurer’s Office

Mohave County Treasurer’s Office

In August of 2017 my office contacted our Laserfiche vendor, DocUnited Imaging, to assist us with automating our extremely cumbersome Tax Lien Foreclosure process. Our goal was to automate a paper process (that each occurrence could last up to 10 years with regard to tax lien foreclosures) at the Mohave County Treasurer’s Office by January 1, 2018. The process involved many steps that are intertwined with deadlines, forms, notifications, judgments, affidavits as well as communications and sharing of data between Mohave County Treasurer, County Attorney’s Office and Lienholders. The staff at DocUnited were able to quickly grasp an understanding of our business and translate that into a digital workflow process that eases our paper challenges and provides a mechanism to store data according to Arizona Records Retention laws and strict requirements. 

DocUnited surpassed our expectations and finished the project on time. Our new way of processing foreclosures is automated, digital and transparent to all those who need access to documents in the process.  After completing the Tax Lien Foreclosure project, we decided to ask DocUnited Imaging to assist re-engineering our Tax Lien Deed process which is currently in its final stage.

Two words that describe our experience with Laserfiche and DocUnited are EXTRAORDINARY and FABULOUS!  Our County Attorney Representative appreciates the efficiency and ease of use.  We are extremely pleased with not only the project but working with exceedingly competent people who really dug into our business to understand our needs and followed up (and through) with every piece.  This diligence and consistent contact made this one of the most successful projects and implementations I’ve ever been involved in.  Lastly, the Mohave County Treasurer’s Office has plans to re-engineer other areas using DocUnited’s brain trust!”


Cindy Landa Cox, MBA

Mohave County Treasurer