For Government

DocUnited Imaging specializes in the implementation of Laserfiche ECM and Records Management in Tribal Governments, Cities and Towns and towns.  With several Tribes and over twenty Cities and Towns in Arizona, our experience and exposure to government processes, best practices and pitfalls is second to none. 

Laserfiche can be the solution to many issues that State and Local Government face.  Transparency and compliance with Record Retention laws can take resources that government agencies don't have. We can help. 


loudoun county serves its citizens

Loudoun County implemented Laserfiche ECM county-wide.  

  • Citizen service was improved, since staff could use Laserfiche's search and retrieval functionality to better serve its customers.
  • Digitizing documents saved its aging facility from further deterioration due to the weight of paper documents.
  • Laserfiche integrated with their incoming ERP and other software systems. 

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records management 

Managing records can be a full time job on its own, but in many cases it's one of many things for which a City or County clerk is responsible.  Laserfiche Records Management automates statute-driven retention and destruction processes, resulting in a reduction of regulatory liability, and increases compliance across departments.